Top 10 Blackjack Tips

Top 10 Blackjack Tips

Top 10 Blackjack TipsWhen you decide to give Blackjack games a try you will find plenty of casino sites offering online blackjack not just one variant of this very popular card game but several. Below you will find our top 10 Blackjack playing tips, which if you enjoy playing the game or are new to playing it via the online environment it  will be well worth checking out and making a note of some of these playing tips!

Low House Edge Games – Your choice of Blackjack game is going to be an important one, for every variant comes with a different set of playing rules for both the Dealer and Player and these rules and also the payouts awarded will affect the house edge of the game.

The house edge is the overall, long term profit the casino site is expected to make from all stakes wagered on any of their Blackjack games. The games you should be looking to play which boast low house edges are the Classic Blackjack game from Microgaming or the Blackjack Switch game from Playtech as these have house edges of 0.13% and 0.16% respectively, and are the lowest ones available on both of those two gaming platforms.

Never Take Insurance – Even though you will get a winning payout of some 2 to 1 if you place the Insurance wager when playing Blackjack and it goes onto be a winning wager, the actual house edge attached to this betting option is often several multiples higher than the base games house edge, and that means whenever you are offered the Insurance wager you should decline it.

Playing Pairs of Aces – You should always split a pair of Aces when they have been dealt out to you, this is the perfect playing strategy when playing any variant of online Blackjack with the only exception to this playing move being when you are playing Double Exposure Blackjack.

So if you are playing any of the available online Blackjack games at casinos powered by Playtech or Microgaming then the best way to play a pair of Aces dealt out to you is to split them. When playing the Double Exposure Blackjack variant the only time you should not split a pair of Aces is when the Dealer is showing an up card which is an 11, 18, 19 or 20 hand and if so hit your hand instead.

Never Split Ten Cards – You should never split a pair of ten valued cards, this is a very common strategic playing error made by a lot of novice online Blackjack players however the correct move to make when you have been dealt out any two ten valued cards is to never split them. There is a slightly different way to play a pair of tens when playing the Double Exposure Blackjack game however that is going to be a game you never play due to its rather large house edge!

Playing Blackjack with Bonuses –  As a bonus credited to your online casino account is going to come with play through requirements, and as Blackjack is such a low house edge game you will often find that playing Blackjack with any casinos’ bonuses is either not allowed or will incur a much higher set of play through requirements.

The best tip we can give you for playing Blackjack is to never play it with a casino bonus, for those increased play through requirements when you are allowed to play Blackjack games with a bonus will often be too high and will offer no value what so ever!

Blackjack Strategy Cards – Should you have found the lowest house edge Blackjack games at any casinos powered by software platforms such as the ones offered by Playtech and Microgaming then you will still need to put into play a perfect playing strategy to benefit for their Blackjack games low house edges!

Try and get hold of a Blackjack Strategy Card for the variant you are playing online, for when you have one of these cards you are never going to play any hand incorrectly as they show you exactly how each hand you have been dealt out should be played based on what card the Dealer is showing.

Play Single Hand Variants – You are best off playing the single hand Blackjack variants online as opposed to the multi hand variants, as often there are many more decks of cards in the shoe of the multi hand games, and that increases the house edge on games such as Microgaming’s Classic blackjack game from 0.13% to a much higher 0.59%!

Card Counting – You may have mastered the art of card counting when playing offline, however as the available online Blackjack games from all software companies have been designed in such a way that the deck or decks of cards will be shuffled fully before a new hand is dealt out, then there will be no benefits what so ever of card counting as that continuous pre game shuffle makes card counting completely pointless!

But Here is a Video on How to Count Blackjack cards:


Side Bets – Any Blackjack game variant offering any type of side bet option can often be appealing to players due to the high payouts often attached to these types of wagering options.

However it is a well known fact that all Blackjack game variants that offer such a Blackjack variant on which you can place additional and often optional side bet wagers have very high house edges attached to those bonus bets, and therefore you will find your bankroll will drip away very quickly when playing those variants for any length of time due to those high bonus bet house edges, so never place those side bets!

Blackjack Comps – The final Blackjack playing tip we would like to pass on to you is to ensure that the online casino at which you are playing at has a comp or loyalty club, and also ensure that before you start playing any Blackjack game variant at that particular casino site that you are a member of their comp or loyalty club, as by doing so all of your real money Blackjack wagers either winning or losing wagers, will be accumulating you comp points, which gives you even more playing value.

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